Mixing and matching Arabian outfit pieces can create a unique and stylish look that blends traditional elements with modern fashion trends. By thoughtfully combining different garments, accessories, and contemporary pieces, you can craft an ensemble that reflects your personal style while honoring the rich heritage of Arabian fashion. This guide offers tips on how to effectively mix and match Arabian outfit pieces to achieve a sophisticated and cohesive look.

Understanding Key Arabian Garments


The abaya is a long, flowing robe traditionally worn by women. It is often black but can come in various colors and styles, featuring embroidery, lace, or embellishments.


The kaftan is a loose-fitting, ankle-length garment with wide sleeves, often adorned with intricate patterns and embroidery. It is worn by both men and women, particularly during special occasions.


The thobe is a long tunic worn by men, typically reaching the ankles. It is usually white but can be found in other colors and with subtle designs or embroidery.

Tips for Mixing and Matching

Pairing Traditional with Modern


  1. Abaya with Modern Dress: Wear an open-front abaya over a contemporary dress. Choose a dress with a simple design if the abaya is heavily embellished, or a more detailed dress if the abaya is plain.
  2. Kaftan with Jeans: For a casual yet chic look, pair a kaftan with fitted jeans. This combination balances the loose fit of the kaftan with the slim silhouette of the jeans.
  3. Modern Tops with Traditional Skirts: Combine a modern blouse or top with a traditional skirt, such as a long, flowing maxi skirt with intricate designs.


  1. Thobe with Blazer: Layer a tailored blazer over a traditional thobe for a sophisticated look that blends classic and modern styles.
  2. Modern Trousers with Traditional Tops: Pair traditional tops like a kandura or jubba with modern trousers or jeans for a smart-casual ensemble.

Playing with Colors and Patterns

  1. Contrasting Colors: Choose pieces in contrasting colors to create a striking look. For example, pair a black abaya with a brightly colored or patterned dress.
  2. Mixing Patterns: Experiment with mixing patterns, such as pairing a striped kaftan with a polka dot hijab. Ensure the patterns share a common color palette to maintain cohesion.
  3. Neutral Base with Accent Pieces: Start with a neutral base, such as a white thobe or black abaya, and add colorful or patterned accessories like a vibrant hijab, statement jewelry, or embellished sandals.

Accessorizing Thoughtfully

  1. Statement Jewelry: Add bold, statement jewelry to elevate your look. For women, this could be chandelier earrings, layered necklaces, or ornate bracelets. Men can opt for a classic watch or traditional ring.
  2. Belts and Sashes: Use belts or sashes to cinch the waist of a kaftan or abaya, adding shape and definition to the outfit. Choose a belt that complements the colors and style of your garment.
  3. Scarves and Hijabs: Select hijabs or scarves that complement your outfit. Play with different tying styles and materials to add variety and texture.

Layering for Depth

  1. Overcoats and Capes: Layer an overcoat or cape over your abaya or kaftan for added depth and dimension. Choose a coat with complementary colors and textures.
  2. Vests and Waistcoats: Men can add a vest or waistcoat over a thobe for a layered, polished look. This adds sophistication while maintaining the traditional base.
  3. Undergarments: Wear long-sleeve tops or turtlenecks under kaftans or abayas with open fronts or sheer fabrics. This not only adds layers but also enhances modesty.

Incorporating Contemporary Elements

Mixing Fabrics

  1. Silk and Cotton: Combine luxurious fabrics like silk with more casual fabrics like cotton. For example, pair a silk kaftan with a cotton inner dress.
  2. Lace and Denim: Mix delicate fabrics like lace with sturdy fabrics like denim. A lace abaya over denim jeans creates a stylish contrast.

Footwear Choices

  1. Heels and Flats: Women can choose between elegant heels for a formal look or stylish flats for a more casual appearance.
  2. Traditional Sandals: Men can pair their outfits with traditional leather sandals or modern loafers, depending on the occasion.

Modern Accessories

  1. Bags and Clutches: Choose a modern handbag or clutch that complements your outfit. Look for pieces with metallic accents or bold colors.
  2. Sunglasses: Add a pair of fashionable sunglasses to enhance your look and add a touch of contemporary style.


Mixing and matching Arabian outfit pieces allows you to create a unique and stylish ensemble that honors traditional elements while incorporating modern fashion trends. By thoughtfully combining different garments, playing with colors and patterns, accessorizing thoughtfully, and incorporating contemporary elements, you can craft a look that is both sophisticated and culturally rich. Whether dressing for a casual day out or a special occasion, these tips will help you achieve a cohesive and elegant style that reflects your personal taste.