jodie turner smith with short hair styled in a pixie cut.

Are you ready to discover the ultimate in chic and stylish haircuts for 2024? Look no further than the timeless and versatile pixie cut! From classic elegance to modern twists, the pixie cut continues to reign supreme as one of the most iconic and empowering hairstyles of all time. In this haircut roundup curated by Marie Claire, we’ll showcase the latest trends and variations of the pixie cut, ensuring you find the perfect style to complement your individuality and sophistication.

The Classic Pixie

Let’s start with the timeless elegance of the classic pixie cut. With its short and sleek silhouette, the classic pixie exudes sophistication and confidence like no other hairstyle. This iconic haircut has been favored by style icons and trendsetters for decades, making it a timeless choice for those seeking a chic and effortless look. Whether you opt for a soft and feminine style or a bold and edgy statement, the classic pixie cut is sure to turn heads and leave a lasting impression.

The Textured Pixie

For those craving a bit more edge and personality, the textured pixie cut offers the perfect balance of sophistication and modernity. This contemporary take on the pixie cut features choppy layers, tousled waves, and plenty of texture for a relaxed and effortlessly chic vibe. Celebrities like Zendaya and Emma Watson have embraced variations of the textured pixie, proving its versatility and appeal across different hair types and face shapes. Whether you have straight, curly, or wavy hair, the textured pixie cut offers endless styling possibilities and a fresh, modern look.

The Pixie Bob Hybrid

Looking to add a bit more length and versatility to your pixie cut? Enter the pixie bob hybrid, a stylish fusion of the pixie cut and the bob hairstyle. This versatile haircut features short layers at the back and sides, with slightly longer lengths at the front for added movement and dimension. The pixie bob hybrid is perfect for those who want the edginess of a pixie cut with the versatility of a longer style. Wear it sleek and polished for a sophisticated look, or tousled and textured for a more relaxed vibe.

The Bold Undercut Pixie

Ready to make a bold statement and stand out from the crowd? The undercut pixie cut offers the perfect blend of boldness and femininity, with shaved sides and longer lengths on top for a striking contrast. This edgy and unconventional style is guaranteed to turn heads and showcase your individuality and confidence. Whether you opt for a subtle undercut or a more dramatic shaved design, the undercut pixie cut is sure to make a lasting impression and elevate your look to new heights.


With its timeless elegance and modern versatility, the pixie cut remains a top choice for those seeking chic and stylish haircuts in 2024. Whether you prefer the classic sophistication of the classic pixie, the modern edge of the textured pixie, the versatility of the pixie bob hybrid, or the boldness of the undercut pixie, there’s a pixie cut style to suit every taste and preference. So why wait? Embrace the perfection of the pixie cut and elevate your look with confidence and sophistication today!